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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

twitt twitt!

hahaha i was just stating on my facebook last night that i'd always been having twitter
and i don't even know when i signed up for it.
hahaha it is now that i start using it. outdate sial!

anyways, i'd been following people like ashton kutcher, demi moore, ps. kong, ps. kevin, demi lovato, selena gomez, ellen degeneres, john mayer, oprah and obama, etc.

and guess what, *ting ting ting*


super cool! :D

you can follow me on :)

been listening to Ps. Kong's Relationship series here. and guess what, he'll be sharing on the entire series when we comes this coming weekend! :)

it's gonna be really awesome! lemme know which service you can come for ;)
can't wait woot woot!!

p/s: happy birthday to Wong Woei and Vincent!!! hurray!! :))

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