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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

special friend request

this must be the most surprising friend request ever.

i couldn't believe it, so i clicked my facebook..and apparently it is so.
omgosh my hands are like, weak right now. i'm super scared..Ps. Kong??!
*faints 3 times*
i don't know if it's a wrong click, or pastor mistaken me for another Careen, or what.
but this must be the most surprising and surreal friend request EVER.


  1. *jaw drops* OMGAWD..... Pastor Kong kawan-kawan sama lu! Hahaha... AMAZING! The power of facebook. OMG. I'm still in a state of shock - like you. We shall stone together. o.o

    (lazy to log out la) hahaha.. Cheers!

  2. hahaha..i was in shock when I got it too...and this awesome pastor even sent me a message on Facebook! How awesome and shocking was that!...

    *lol.. =)

  3. gladys: sampat ar u...use my account for what??! hahahahahah

    baldwin: yeah it's so cool! but then again i'm not sure if it's really his real account. but it'd be super cool if it is. woooooh! what was in his msg? is it really ps kong himself actually?

  4. yeah..the one u had is his 2nd account due to the first one having in excess of 5000 friends.

    Should be him, coz the first account he mentioned tht he will now manage the FB pages himself =)


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