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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the results

omgod i'm finally updating! anyway, so today i got my results for stpm. as usual, i don't find a point to hide my results because it is a fact that will not change..and i know you will ask for it..hehe so yea..

yours truly i got 2As for both English Literature and Business Studies, B for Pengajian Am, and 2C+ for both Economics and Maths.

now there you go..don't need to ask me anything already :P if you must know, yes i was pretty upset with my results. happy and sad at the same time..happy that i got As for both my favourite subjects that i really worked hard for, and sad for the results that i hated and didnt really put that much effort into :P

was quite depressed..only after i got home and sat on my bed. i viewed my result slip over and over, and realised the fact that i will not be able to change anything, and that it's final. that's when i sat on my bed and cried my heart out. i think it's been quite a while that i cried so badly. after crying for a while, i slept. hahah! after i woke up, i felt better. i'm quite easy to please, right? just sleep. heheh..

but no worries, after i got assurance from the VIPs in my life (parents, siblings, bf, felicia, pastor and esther) that i did good, i really did feel a lot better. though thoughts of defeat and failure do come by once in a while.

but no worries guys..i know u guys will post comforting comments to make me feel better. but i really dont want sympathy and pity..i'm realy ok, guys :)

so my plan now is to of course stay positive and just continue working and doing what i've been doing for the past 3 months till about july, which is the next intake for mass comm degree in taylors. that's just the rough plan. will consider other alternatives too :)


on a seperate note,

friend's night is here again!! :))
if you're not sure what friend's night is, well, as the name says, so it is! it's an event in which allows us to invite our friends for just to have fun and enjoy the night together.

for last year's friend's night, the church hall was packed with over 1000 people each night, and we have forecasted it to be even more people this year! there will be games, song and dance performances, celebrity performances, food, lucky draws, etc etc..

last year, two winners walked away with an ipod touch each after each night, and for this year, church will be giving away 4 ipod nanos! 2 for each night! and who knows, you might just be the lucky one this time around ;)

it will be held in church hall this fri (Mar 13) and next fri (Mar 20) at 8pm. and yes, it's FOC :)

let me know if you can come! it's gonna be one hell of a night, baybeh! ;)


  1. No comforting comments, sympathy & pity from me... just a high-5! =)

    be glad STPM's over girl..time for some college fun...u've did well.

  2. Uve proved your Dream to be Wrong ! Good Job Careen.

    STPM is a Drag and now tht uve gone passed it. Life ahead is gonna be bright and GREAT hahaha

    Come to HELP careen ! ehehee

  3. baldwin: thanks for always being so encouraging, baldwin! *high five* :D

    leonard: hahah yeah! my nightmare didnt come true!! i go to HELP for the time i enter HELP u'll be graduating la..haha! :P


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