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Thursday, March 19, 2009

a quarter past 2008

in the mere blink of an eye, it's now the third month of the year.
what have u done so far? :)

as i reflect back on the past 3 or two and a half month plus,
i see myself working, being busy working, busy thinking and planning for work,
stressing about work, tired by work, tired of work, talking about work,
at work, after work, before work.


for those of you who are still blur, i'm working part-time as a miserable barista who gets paid very lowly, and part-time dance-teaching which pays close to 6 times of what i earn for being a barita per hour..which comforts me a lil. haha :P

all my nights are booked. they're either occupied by church, work, dance, bf, or family., for real.

the reason i decided to work as a part-time barista was firstly, to earn the money to fulfill my building fund (i'm close to completing wheeee!), and secondly, to get a taste of what working in a coffee shop gives. and yes indeed i learned a lot through that. despite the low pay and the other stuff that i always complain of, i did learn and gain, and i am pretty happy with my time well spent.

as for dance teaching, praise God he multiplied my classes and though that requires more commitment and time, it gives me more money too..teehee hey, money is NOT a dirty word :D

been working since i was 18, and since, i havent been needing to rely on my parents for allowances..and i like it. i like the independence, and at the same time, i can relief my parents of some financial burden as well.

so now that i look back on the past three months, i'd been busy, but fruitful. i gained, i learned, i earned, i fulfilled, and i feel fulfilled. not necessarily happy and overjoyed, but i am satisfied. at least this time, i did keep to my new year resolution of not wanting to waste time, but make use of every working and learning opportunities. not forgetting growing in God and ministries as well.

i am pleased and satisfied :)

okay i'm done with my emotional speech. u can go visit other blogs now. hahaha!

oh, did i tell u that from now onwards i'll be the author of this? ;)
for the next 3 months la. hahaha stay tuned and chao peoples! :)
love, careen.

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