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Friday, March 27, 2009

pastor kong's special weekend services postponed!

yes guys, it is confirmed yet again that ps. kong will be coming on
May 22-24th, not this weekend ya :)
Sun's not well and pastor Kong is going to LA to look after her..which is so so swhheet :)


anyways, guess what, i think i have been having this routineous life for the past 3 months,
i have become so so blur that i actually could just walk into work last night, and not punch in my card. :/

and so i told my senior manager today about what happened to my punch card last night, and she laughed at me and told me i could be the blurrest employee ever :/
yours turly even nodded and laughed along and agreed along haha!!

and THEN,,,,, today before i went home, i held up my punch card and before i punched in i got a revelation that really verily absolutely positively NOBODY in this world could be as dumb and blur as me!!! lo and behold, i didn't punch in today!!!!!!

omg omg omg this is a sure sign of aging. i am aging.... i am an old woman now...

looks like careen doesn't want her pay anymore.
careen doesnt love money anymore.
you all can come and rob me now cos i don't care about money man!!!!!

okay i was just kidding :)
i still love money and i don't want you to rob me don't rob me, rob him please!!!!

okay i know i'm super dramatic but it's okay. i know you all love me for me mah ;)

sigh...what happened to me? :(


  1. we have our moments careen, but so happen ur the one who posted it up this time around xD

    nice pic though,no signs of aging save for d eyebags..that's reversible yeah!

  2. evo: i seem to have a lot of these moments compared to a lot of others i feel..i'm just too blur and clumsy sometimes! hahah!


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