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Sunday, March 1, 2009

like, hello???

me and the 6th princess

omgosh i think it's been like, some donkey years since i last posted ANYTHING on this domain. coffee bean, dance world, church, cg, choir, dance, bf, family and friends will be enough to occupy my every aspect of my life nonetheless :)

how have you guys been? it's been a while, yea? well, guess it's rather irritating to come back all the time and find that there's nothing new on this blog. haha hmm, i thought i might just change my blog layouts and header every quarter of the year? not just yourself, even i would feel bored after a while looking at the same pics (my own pics) for too long..though i do love looking at my own pics and myself *chuckles* :P

had been looking at my personal calendar and boy, i really have a really packed month ahead! cell leaders training, all its exams and preaching tests *yikes*, more classes from dance world *yay but tiring*, friends' night dance performances, ps kong coming (!!!),etc etc.

can't believe it's MARCH already! omgod 3 months just flew by!! but at the same time, can't believe i've done, achieved and experienced so much in just 3 months. greater and bigger things are ahead woohooooo!

p/s: i didn't win for the dance competition..but i'm absolutely fine! great experience and i gladly lost to an amazing breakdancer. it was an eye-opener and really didnt regret the effort and all. thanks bee for the trip..i love you.

p/s/s: oh i'm supposed to show you my new hairstyle! hahah not so new now after about 1 week plus. update (with pics) soon! ;)

love, careen.


  1. Wow. U were in a dance competition ?.. dont play play man.

    Is good to make full use of your time careen. good Job! heheehe

    Good to know ure performing for Friends Night. I'm working out a plan to get some famous bloggers to come for Friends Night too get lotsa coverage.. ehehehe

  2. hehe yeah, that's great! :)

    yeah..busy ppl change the world! woohoooo!!


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