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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've got an amazing daddy!

though my daddy thinks that mass comm is of no good use for my future, my future family, my future marriage, he still gives in, and allow me to fulfill my dreams and passion.

though my daddy thinks that my degree course is really really very expensive, he still tries his best to give me a good education in a good college which has good facilities, security, environment, standard, etc.

though my daddy thinks that getting another car would need lots of care, maintainance, reparation, money, he still thinks and plans of getting me a car.

though my daddy thinks that i am now overwhelmingly occupied and busy with too many commitments and activities, he still trusts me to handle my life and time, and willing to ferry me around.

though my daddy thinks that i have one too many things, too many clothes, too many shoes, too many bags, too many accesories, too many white elepahnts in the house, he still gives me money to go shopping, and constantly checks with me if i have enough to use.

though my daddy thinks that having too many yumcha/drinking sessions, supping, etc is not only bad for health but also dangerous to hang out till late at night, he still gives me the money to sup and asks me to go to better, nicer, safer, air-conditioned places to hang out.

though my daddy has ideal plans and visions for my future, he knows my heart, and would rather give in to let me follow my passion and love the things i pursue, than to have a good and safe life, and not having the chance to fulfill my dreams.

daddy, i want you to know that i am extremely thrilled, happy-till-death that you understand my heart and desire. it's great to know that my family is behind my back supporting the things i do and pursue. you are an amazing daddy. i love you so much :)

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  1. hey! it's pretty rare to see ur dad smiling on the camera!! ;D


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