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Thursday, March 12, 2009

goodbye my sampat sis

in exactly one week's time, my sampat sister will be going to stupid NS for whole 3 months,
in a far away land called Sibu, Sarawak.
why la so far? :(

few months back, i imagined her not being around for 3 months, i cried quite sadly. i miss her easily. one of the reasons is that she's the noise-maker at home, so without her presence, it will easily be felt.

other reasons of course include the fact that i love her and she loves me :D

here are some of my memories of her.

her glutton face. we're both gluttons, no wonder we're sisters.
her sleeping face and habits. i shall not name them here for fear she'll choke me to death.
the sampat spirit which she strongly possesses.
click five and kimora lee simmons. hahahaha!!
and erm...santa?
her awkward posing skills.they will miss u forcing them to camho with you..esp evangeline.
(note evangeline's face. hahahah)
i will miss camho-ing with u too :(
let me end with a nice picture of you.

wah..... :)
i will miss u, Gladys Johnny Tan.


  1. Sibu!!!! Hey, I dont mind switching places with ur sister. HAHA. Don't worry, the NS Camps in Sibu is quite nice. Thats what I heard la.

    Ya, I am from Sibu.

  2. wow... all the best to your sis! but i think at the end of the NS, she'll miss it like crazy, because it will be like a summer camp!

    or so my friends said.

  3. aaron.c: hey! yeah the camp there is sis is really liking the place :)

    the nat: yeah..praise God that she met a couple of familiar faces there! she did get emo once or twice, but she's satisfied with it so far..the place and all :)


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