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Thursday, March 5, 2009

bond deprived

a sign of burn-out.

jo went back to melb yesterday, which was when kyrs went back to sydney too. sigh what's with 3rd of march? :(
oh, happy belated b'day to Esther Cheng too. hehe! ;)

pics of our sorta "farewell" meet-up.
i know my blog is desperately deprived of pictures. haha!

jo bought the farting zone tag for boon, while the rest of us got nice nice skirts, dresses and clothes from sydney. awwww.... ;)

jo, you ARE still the one whom i can count on, and pour my heart and soul to. :)

i've been just like a traveller nowadays..i only use my bedroom as my sleeping room, dining room as my eating room, and my house just basically as a pitstop from my daily series of activities, work work work, church, cg, dance, etc etc etc.

and so i've missed out on lots of priceless family moments at home, and as i was browsing for pics of my new hairstyle which i couldnt find cos i don't have time to take pics :/, i found these!
mummybaby and poser chuu. the cutest things on earth..that includes my mum :)

i miss spending time with them. nowadays it's really hard for me to sit down to have a chat/gossip/update/a good laugh with my mum. i had to find that few 15mins before going off for work to just have a quick update and chat with her..and that's not even everyday.

i miss the times when i can just laze around on bed with my sisters..just chatting and laughing away, playing with the babies and hearing their funny stories. now, i don't even have time for that anymore. my baby sisters would cling on to be the moment i get home..both melody and charity would fight with each other just to sit on my lap and have me listening to their stories about school, children church, their friends, their cg, etc.

it hurts me, and at the same time touches me that they long for my presence at home. whenever i leave the house to go out, they would look disappointed and questioning why i always have to go out. like, "huh? you're going out again??"- that's from the mummymel.

hehe as for charichuu, "da jie, u go coffee bean ar? or church? or dance ar? cell group??", in her very cute, not so fluent speech...i just wanna spend time with my family.

evan drinking milk :)

she's growing bigger by the day. bigger in size, bigger in eyes, bigger in beauty, bigger in intelligence, bigger in maturity, etc. she knows that we like her to do certain things like hearing her laugh, so she would purposely give a funny "hehehehehh" kinda laugh like 10 times in a row just because we laugh whenever she does it.

she's the baby of the house..the littlest sunshine :)

i need some time for myself. i want a good rest.

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