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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

add him up and follow him! :)

are you an avid blogger?

or do you just love to read blogs or blog-hop?

do you have a facebook account?

are you one of the twitter addicts out there?

do you know pastor kong hee?


if you do, you can get connected to pastor kong just like the rest of us already have!

follow and get updates on pastor's blog on

and add him on facebook as his friend!

as well as get frequent twitter updates from the man himself!


okay, if you're wondering why i suddenly go all advertising or promoting pastor kong, i'm not..and here's the real why. pastor wants to connect with more malaysians and he himself wants to know you!
here's his really sincere message :)

Will be in KL in a few days ... Meanwhile, if you can, would you get more of your KL friends to join my Twitter and this Facebook account? Just tell them to follow me at or click at I really do want to connect with more Malaysians :) Kong

don't you just love pastor? :')

he could be the busiest man on earth with flights and never-ending preaching engagements to attend to, a family in LA, and recently Sun is not too well. but he still thinks about us and wants to keep everybody connected. he even personally messages me and replies all his messages, twitter and blog updates himself!

if there is an Asian superman, it has to be pastor kong! ain't he awesome or what? :)

so, go go go now and follow pastor! don't shy shy. wheeeeeeee!! :)

1 comment:

  1. answered YES to all the questions u've posted at the top...*haha.. =)

    Ps.Kong is indeed the Asian superman. *lol

    come on ppl..dun shy shy... =p


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