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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

vera- every girl's bestfriend :)

my favorite feature- my eyes.
though they do look pretty scary upside-down. hahah.

hello, peoples!!! :)
had my second day of training today, and i got 16/17 for my test! i'm so happy!! :))
drank all the ice blendeds today and i'd say my favourite is Cinnamon Ice Blended.
you guys should really try it if you like's really good. it smells really good too ;)
smell of food's really important to me. if the food is awesome but it doesn't smell nice, i would not eat it at all. example: smelly tofu! ewwww! :(

so don't be surprised of you see me sticking me nose near my food and drinks
before i start my meals. i just do it naturally, and it appetizes me! :P

had such an exhausting day..feels like i worked all day.
can't wait to see baby who just came back from Spore soon :)


watched my first movie of 2009 (yeah i know i'm so slow)
over the weekend with baby. after a long and sulky day,
he surprised me at coffee bean, picked me up after work,
told me that he has got it planned out with my parents,
and off we went for our impromptu date :) *hugs*
we managed to make it in time for- Bride Wars.
just by the title of the movie itself, we could have guessed ourselves what
the storyline would roughly be like. two brides waring against each! :P

i actually think it looks nice ;)

despite the predictability and being the typical chick-flick, i personally loved the movie.
i don't ask for much in a movie..just as long as it is nice and watchable, has got some entertainment value in it, managed to entertain and make me feel better, managed to enlighten or teach me something worthwhile, i'm happy :)

maybe it's because it features Vera Wang's gown.
maybe it's because it is a movie on weddings.
maybe it's because it is a comedy.
maybe it's because it is anne hathaway and kate hudson.
maybe it's because it is a chick-flick.

i just it. i really enjoyed the movie.
and what's better is that i watched it with someone special :)

next movie to watch- The Wedding Game.
Fann Wong and Christpher Lee are like the prettiest couple in Spore,
and i love both their actings. i'll make sure i watch it ;)

love, careen.

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