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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

(super a lot of pics ahead, phew!!)
happy (belated) valentine's all!

read so many blog posts about valentine's until i also sien to blog and write so much about it. i'm really lazy to state my opinion and views on valentines. all i care about is that i have fun, create memories with my loved ones, and that's it. no complicated ideologies or debates about valentines :)

so i'll just post what happened on Valentine's day 2009 :)
this year, it was a really special and extraordinary one.

firstly, because me & boon played the role of sampat couple (again) together in Valentine service's short dramas. it was really special for the both of us as we got to act, practise and enjoy the whole process together. what made it even more special is that this time, both of us played the leading roles, and it was on valentine's day ;)

secondly, because we didn't have a typical dinner-movie-date,
nor did we have a i-cook-for-you-at-home date.
instead, we have a cell-group-pizza-wii-camho-date.

hahahahahah! pics below :)

my valentine's pressie for boon this year. a really simple pressie as i'm short of cash and time :(
but he liked it! it's something diff for this year. i think i bought almost everything that a gf could get for a bf. shirts, wallets, tshirts, cards, etc etc etc.

but this time, i decided to get a helium balloon from a party store nearby, and attach love-coupons at the bottom to 1) stabilise the bottom, 2) cos he loves my love-coupons :D

surprised him by pretending to drop my "clothes bag" (balloon inside) and booom, the balloon flew up and stood right in front of him. hehehehe we had a spectator too..wei tieng. hehe :P

pics at drama practice.
looks like i was the only lost gf in the cooking class. hahaha!!

in artists' room.
taken by erin.
she mentioned she wants to put it in her makeup blog or somethin. love the pic!

below: during performance. we were the lovey-dovey camwhore couple.
hahaha something we're very used to already..that's why no problem :P
yeap, while the rest of us made-up for our performance, boon got a make-down. hahahah they really made him as unbelievable as they could. the mole was pastor's idea to create the disgusting look. (note the inverted heart-shape on the forehead) hahhaha!!
the bookmark church gave out to all on valentine's.
shawn's ear-catching beatboxing ;)
the surprise serenade from Gordon to Jaslyn.
(though the song was sang by adrian but anyways) really sweet! :)
i was not the only paparazzi..baldwin too! :P

afterwhich, some of our subzone members stood in front of church brain-storming how to celebrate valentine's day together. malls were definitely a killer-option (gila packed), mamak/fastfood were out of bounds cos ot was valentines, ss15/taipan would be too busy & packed, so at last we decided to just crash Adrian/Alfred's place! :P
the first delivery of pizzas.
ermmm. i don't know what they were doing.
michelle, probably we should keep more than just an eye on them, ya? ;P

besides eating, drinking, we were merrying too! laughters and joy captured :)
boon decided to pick up his wii from home, and from there began all the wii-madness.
below: alfred very engaged in playing Rayman.
not just that, there were also lots of camho moments.
below: alfred posing with whisky the cute dog.
he said he was not posing but we didn't believe him. you believe or not??
and after delvin passed the camho spirit to adrian, he began to camho too.
the rest (many more) are only for michelle to see and admire :P

and the camhoring didnt stop there.
guys who say they NEVER camho, please repent.
ang joan and shao li were there too!
thanks for coming girls..i hope u guys really enjoyed urselves! :)
adrian cheong is a very good guy. he will be a very good husband in the future :)

now adrian, gimme the money!
this is for you michelle! evidences of ur bf doing chores :P note him behind ;)
alfred (behind) is also a very good guy ;)
delvin captured the gossip moment of me and gladys.
oh what a scandalous picrture.
why were my eyes closed le? :(
but i think i looked if i was really happy and enjoying it. hahahah!
*everybody bluek*
me and ju yinn who was studying =.=" in alfred's "flirtatious" room. lol!!
i don't rmbr being so hardworking. she's got a bright future ahead man!
and no doubt, his bed was a quality and super comfy bed!

and we attempted to take a group pic.
only after many many takes. thanks to alfred :/

and sunday, there were 2 more performances.
backstage pics!
me and beautiful krys :)

the make-down of boon on sunday. slightly diff hairstyle.
elvis hair in the front this time :P
i love this pic. taken by baby..i looked so natural :)
while waiting for service to end, the ones who didnt manage to fit into guest room to watch live service were doing these:
yawan & jaslyn playing psp.
me & krystina reading mags. haha!
and we took lots of pics!
above: wendy, yawan, jaslyn, me, nat.
below: sarah ho and i.
the three of us thought we looked weird in this pic.
me, krys, cheryl.
and we took pics of our shoes too. haha! girls will be girls.
below: krys', cheryl's, mine, nat's.
and after nappie in my place, boon and i went out for our belated valentine' date.
we contemplated among super many restaurants, and finally decided to dine in our favourite comfy korean restaurant- Han Woo Ri :D
looking fresh after nappie :)we tried both beef and pork. i think this is the beef?
the super nice manager gave us glass noodles for free.
it was on the hse just for us :D
faking a smile while on the phone. hmmph! haha :P

so that's my valentine 2009 :)
love, careen.


  1. heyhey!..wanna praise u and 'pastor boon' for the the really good acting!!

    *clap clap*.. =) are u still working at Coffee Bean?..yet to come for my 'Berryd Treasure'..

  2. i like the last picture the best.
    boon looks irritated. hahahahah!

    Boon: "Stop it, will ya? I'm on the phone!"
    Gladys: "Yalar. Ish."
    Careen: "Come, come! Let's take some more." *snaps*

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. aiyaks acidentally deleted my own comment. hahahaha!!

    baldwin: thanks bro! :) yeah i'm still working there..yeah berry'd treasure's awesome! great taste! ;)

    gladys: *smacks gladys' head*


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