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Monday, February 9, 2009

my valentines' gift :)

just some pics of me and my loves yesterday :)

my sisters love to camho too! esp charity! ;)

it's one week earlier but, who cares! i've got my Valentine's gift already! :D
nope it is not a new necklace, or any form of accesories.
not clothes, bags, shoes, etc.
and also not perfumes, flowers, bears...

...but an envelope.

an envelope with a photoshoot voucher worth RM680 with Romantic Bridal House! :D

no i'm not getting married, you! it is a special photoshoot which can be taken within these 3 yrs. they were having a special promo in 1U the other day, and baby decided to pay for my photoshoot as my Valentine's gift! wheeee! :))

not just any other photoshoot. but this studio has got some of the most amazing studio sets ever! they have different themes such as winter set, victorian set, palace set, etc. and those sets are like, super impressive.

what impressed me at first was that they got Carmen Soo as their model.
we stopped by at first because i wanted to admire Carmen Soo's pictures (omgosh she's perfect!). then, the next thing we know, baby paid the deposit and i've got a photoshoot of 30plus pictures in my hands.

that has gotta be the most expensive Valentine's gift ever.
thanks darling.. :)
so happy teehee :D

my valentine :)
taken by Charity in gramma's hse.

so i'll wait until i look the prettiest, feel the prettiest,
and weigh the prettiest to have the photoshoot :P can't wait though!

hahah oh, speaking of weight, i was scrolling through my comp pictures and i found this.

doing my usual exercises during CNY. flabs away!
i was not posing okay..i knew you would think like that hmpph!
i was exercising while...peeling my lips? :/

teeheeee gotta go! cheers! :)

love, careen.


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  2. wah.. bro.bock/tau-fu-pok/meehoon so romantic wan? :D Hehehe...


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