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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

just dance, careen. what's so hard? huh huh huhhh???

his hobby- disturb my camho moments.

okay, ignore my khek-dong title.
i'm really running outta titles to put and so ngam that's what i think so i just put la.
cannot meh? huh huh huhhh????

hello loves!!
don't have much to blog about today.
nowadays, life either revolves around work, or dance, or church, or family,
or boon, or stressing about my dance competition. all important and requires time.

my daily routine:
wake up, go for work, come home, shower, eat. stress about dance comp.
somedays when life's more interesting, i would go for church stuff or dates.

hmmmm :(

on a seperate note, boon's in another island far far away again. i hate labuan! *sulks*

but believe it or not, i actually enjoy my work mighty much.
the hours just pass by so quickly. i guess having passion and enjoyment at work is just diff.
i still rmbr while working in a kindy yrs ago, i'd check the time every half an hour :P

work's more interesting when familiar faces drop by though.
so, drop by at coffee bean taipan usj10! make my life more interesting ;)
but if you're a stalker, pretend you didn't read this, kay?

gtg! nights!
p/s: omgawd. it's like, 17 days more? help me!!!!!
p/p/s: miss you.
love, careen


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