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Thursday, February 5, 2009

i'm old

spot evangeline sitting on the middle armrest! she's a big girl now! :)
not neccesarily a very happy thing to me..i don't want her to grow up so fast..i love her just the way she is now..though i'm very sure she's just gonna get prettier and cuter each day.

i remember telling my mum i'd never want my babies- melody, charity and now, evangeline to grow up. i don't mind them being babies forever. i'd volunteer to take care of them like that till i leave for heaven..i'm serious! they grow up so fast's scary.. :(
melody the big sis doing makeup for charity before going out.
believe it or not, melody possesses real good makeup skills! she can put on lipstick perfectly without looking into the well as putting it on others! amazing lil girl!

i'll still say this- girls will be girls.
some things don't have to be taught. they are just natural :D

now that we're at the 'aging' issue, i realised something while showering today (yes, i always get realizations and inspirations in toilets).

when i was 12 till about 17 yrs old, people would give me a weird stare and comments such as

"you don't look your age, you look so much more mature!",
"omgod she's just 15!"
"you dont look old, you just look mature, not old"

the worst one was this that i got from someone (i still remember who!!! hmphh):
"omgod you're just 12?? i thought u were at least 25!"
*stabs knife into heart*

that was the most extreme. i DID NOT look 25!! everyone disagreed with his extremity and i like those who disagreed with him. hmmpph!

but i do like the fact that i looked more mature than my age back then. i love being seen as a older person because it doesn't only give me passes to go for 18-above movies, illegal places for underaged, as well as the respect i get from strangers especially sales assistants (hmmph!!)!
and also, not looking weird being with a guy 4-yrs my senior :P

but, but, but, now...
...that i'm hitting the big 2-0 in November, i'm starting to feel it..
i'm starting to feel like time flies faster than ever! everrr!!!

thoughout this 3-day training, i was considered more senior than the rest of the trainees there. most of them were spm graduates looking for part-time jobs, a few of them were slightly older than me or around my age.

and this time, i got an opposite comment from what i always used to get.

"and how old are you? oh, you're 20?? but you look so young!"

what should i have said/felt? happy? or sad cos i'm getting older in age?

sigh dowanna think dowanna think!! put your hands in the air if you don't care!
*wheeeeeeee!! waves hands in the air*

and if you feel the same way i do, let me know so that i don't feel so badd :(

gtg, loves!

p/s: i passed all my tests with floying colors!!
love, careen.


  1. Lolz.. Time flies..Age is just a mind over matter, if u don't wont matter ! *laugh*

    Make the best outta it.. Life Starts at 20 onwards. *smile*

    U knw wht.. ive no idea how to take care of so many siblings at home man.. If i were u ..i'll tie em alll up and lock-em to a room *evil laugh*...Especially if their sisters.. Muahaahh

    Have a good weekend ahead.

    God bless

  2. sisters are not that bad! i'm sure brothers would be harder to handle :P

    and yes, i do believe too that life starts after 20. let all the above twenties cheer!!! hahahha!

    have a good weekend too! :)


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