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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i miss you

letter to bee:

bee, though you just touched down in Spore one hour ago, i miss you edi..can't talk on the phone tonight..hmmm i'm so not used to it. and though you're coming back again tomorrow doesn't mean that i'll miss you less. it seems like the longer we're together, the more i love and miss you. wah means next time when we're both in our eighties, i'll miss you even when you're just like, an inch away? hahahaha sigh. hope you so happen to read this. miss you and may time pass faster. amen. *muax* :)

okay okay no more mushy-mushy. hello!!! (i think that's how i'm gonna greet my readers from now onwards..teeheee). hmm let me update about my day :)

i went for the first day of training in Coffee Bean's headquarters. woke up around 630am, went for the training which starts at 9am, all the way till 530. should i say that i am one lucky girl? out of all the let's see, 6 girls presents, i am the only one who got pointed out that i did not tuck in my shirt. omgosh i hate tucking in shirts..they make girls look fat. the rest didn't too, it's just that they were all wearing sweaters so the trainer couldn't see. hmph :(

yours truly is so smart that she went there with only her heart and soul, and forgot bringing a sweater along. the result, even my many layer of overflowing fats could not keep me warm! hahah! i told myself, if i ever forgot my sweater tomorrow too, i am so gonna slap myself. i was like a tikus throughout the 7 hours of training..practically hugging myself and shivering! there were like more than 10 guys over there who had sweaters, but none of them borrowed theirs to me :( maybe they should come to City Harvest for training, yeah? guys, show them how real men are like ;)

nevertheless, everybody was nice..all of em :) it was training for customer service lots of interactive activities and so on. tomorrow will be training for ice blendeds, and thursday, espresso and brew. oh, highlight of the training today- the trainer, ms. fiona made us drink coffees today. freshly brewed houseblended coffee, just like that..without sugar and milk. oh god it was one dreadful experience! i'm not a coffee person, and to drink that was just like traditional chinese medicine. but of course, i drank with lots of poise and pretended like it was heaven..i did not really breathe while drinking okay. hahah oh well ;)
but *faints* :(( and she said tomorrow would be worse, and even worse, thick coffee on thursday. *double faints*

but the good thing is that we're all actually paid as usual to go for the training. pretty cool..and we get to eat and drink everything :D we have to's part of the training. so don't ask me why i'm fat, okay? now you know why!


okay enough of boring stuff. recent pictures for you! :)
though i'm fat i still post up pictures wan.
who said fat people can't take pictures, huh? huh??!

some pics from the one-hour-of-getting-lost-in-the-car trip to NuZheXui
(is that how you spell it?) with my family.

buckled up!
note Charity behind! hahah cuteness :)

dinner in Full House.
more pics of the beautiful interior soon..really nice decor :)
girls will ne girls. you don't have to teach them to love shades and posing.
note to all: i DID NOT teach them to be vain. stop accusing me!
mini audrey hepburn?
mini audrey hepburn sun-bathing on bed ;)
first attempt to be sexy.
hey, who said fat people can't be sexy? huh?? huh??!
oh, meet my photographer for sexy pictures-my sister.
hahahahahhaha!! it's great to have sisters! ;)
evan in this baby basket with mini wheels.
these are all in the restaurant itself. cool stuff!
she felt uncomfortable..hehe :P
below: my second attempt to be sexy.
pretend you didn't see my flabbiness, okay? :)
and please, that is not a baby-bump and neither is it my belly.
it's the shirt bulging out okay..
i'm fat but not fat to the extend of having distorted-looking tummy.
my cool sister.
we did not ask them to pose, came naturally.
and they're just kids. oh no..
now, her attempt to be sexy.
showering with clothes on and tap off is the new trend. hahah!! :P
i like this scene. shades on the dining table.
dear, we should do this in our future house too!
but with four on each side :D
gladys likes this pair of kungfu-looking shoes.
aspiring violinist. she's so beautiful :)

more pictures to come..when your beloved sexy slim tall and thin yours truly is not feeling so exhausted. *yawns* :) nowadays i'm sleeping much earlier..and i feel healthier and prettier too :)

maybe you should sleep earlier to feel healthier and prettier too! or, hunkier ;)
goodnight dears!

p/s: goodnight my baby dear who's residing
in a $260 per night hotel room tonight. blessed you :) *hugs*

love, careen


  1. Oooo! Ur working in Coffee Bean as the barista isit? Part time or full time?

  2. erin!!!!! :)))
    yes i'm working as a part time barista in coffee bean now. :)


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