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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

warning: evangeline overdose ahead

this post is all about evangeline, and to show you what she normally does at home ;)

so, she wakes up latest by 9am every morning, and since then, she'll be crawling, trying to stand, walking/ spinning around in her baby walker, screaming, saying 'no' by shaking her head (super cute i tell you), stick her sticky palms on surfaces, etc. she learns new things everyday :)

below: all pics taken just today. so these are actually very updated pics of the now-evangeline.
(i rmbr i last posted her pics on my multiply was on the day she was born, which was a long 9 months ago. hahahah)

omgosh i this cutie pie :')

note her legs in every pic. they're either top-toe-ing or looking super fat and super adorable. i'm in love with her legs...
evangeline looking quite innocent.
but actually she is standing there in front of Charity with a motive.
yeap. she's there to grab Charity's stuff, again.
(the real baby's standing, while the big baby's in the baby's chair, the irony.)
look what she's going for!
getting caught.
she retreats and settles with the duckie for the meantime.
melody's long-time wish: eat evangeline cos she's so cute.
melody being the dramamama that she is. hehehe.
eva soothing her itching gums.
she roams around touching things...
she'll give the cute look once she's being caught.
and this cute look.
and, this cute look too.
see now? didn't i tell you that she sticks her palms on surfaces like spiderman does?? dowana believe me...
and now, the stool..
then, to the kitchen she enters..
and, to the pantry..then, gives the innocent look again! hahaha puss in boots eyes..*melts*
we also think that her hairstyle looks like jenny joe's!!
jenny!! this is your junior! hahahah!!! :)
melody the mother carries her out of the kitchen.
she loves melody to carry her :)
look where the duckie is already..hahaha!
her motive was not to grab Charity's favourite duckie toy,
but something else..
her new pink bottle she bring to kindy!
and there she comes again!
hahahah look at Charity's expression..she was all ready to protect her bottle.
babies will be babies..hahaha!
eva gets distracted by cartoon sounds on tv.
and before she could grab charity's bottle for herself,
it was meal time! and there she was, trapped in the baby's chair.
(look at my chubby baby..i her chubby cheeks.
she looks just so pinchable and bitable!! urghhh!! cute!!
and her saliva on her chest. hahaha!! dirty but cute baby of mine...)
she wants to get out cos she thinks she isn't a baby anymore!
in fact, nowadays, she even wants to eat grown-up foods instead of her own baby stuff.
look at her hair..i her hair also... :))))
trying to escape.
she thought she was close to succeeding..
but there was still melody the mummy closeby holding her back.
hahaha! i've a feeling melody would be the one interviewing all eva's bfs in the future. she's so protective :))

and after eating and crawling around some more, eva goes for napping session :)

omgosh she gets cuter and more lovable each day! i bet u her even more now too! *sigh* :)
okies time to go! love me :D
love, careen.


  1. hahahaha.. my name is there! *proud* i want eva to be mineeeee *LOL* can i call her "jenny jr"??? :P hahahaha

    btw, eva is really really really CUTE!!!!!!! i saw her in nursery room last sunday, and i really wish i can bite her cheeks! oops, i mean "kiss" :P hahahaha~

    can't wait till Keira grows up and play with "eva jie jie" haha <3

  2. The poor duckie. Always kena abuse by Chu and Evan. Duckie's always filled with her saliva.

  3. OMG! that chair, i had it like decades ago! used it when i was a baby too, and when none of my sibling can fit in there anymore, we used it as our piano chair...hehe...then its gone because we were too ganas....

  4. jennylee: yea of course u can call her jenny jr! her hairstyle's so like yours! haha :) and yes, i can't wait for eva and keira to play tgthr in the nursery next time! that'd be soo cute! :)

    gladys: yea..poor dirty duckie. haha!

    tiffanie tan: yeah! i think it's been around for more than 25 yrs already! it's being passed down by my eldest cousin to now- evangeline. haha!! :P

  5. Evangeline's soooo chubby !!!! eeeeeee..

    aikks..i hv one of those chairs too and they seem 'immortal'...*lol

  6. i guess that chair was a hit last time..haha!

    your lil sis so chubby with so much hair!


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