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Monday, January 12, 2009

a tired but satisfied me

am feeling funny. i'm tired, but feeling satisfied about my day.

i wanna see boon and hang out with him, but i'm physically tired and not too well.

i wanna do so many things tonight since i'll be free, but i need to sleep early cos tmr in the wee hours, church got morning prayer meeting. and yes like jin chong said, i'll need to wake up at 5.30am. hahaha but well, it's gonna be worth the..wake. ;)

but it's alright, for this week, yours truly will only be working for 4 days. so for the rest of the days, i can just chill and take a breather, read a book, catch up in my bible reading, play sims 2 double deluxe, watch GG, blog, go out, etc :)

yes, about my first day of work :) in a nutshell, it was a very good and fine first day.
i learnt how to make ice blendeds today! all of em! :)) not without screwing up though. hahahah won't go into further detail :P i also learned how to serve the pies, puffs, and muffins! yea la yea la very easy la..u do and see..*hmph*

hahah but for a clueless and totally unexperienced me, i actually find it pretty interesting! and today is just the first day where i learn all the basics, which means as the days go by, i'll learn the harder ones and finally know how to do everything! which includes making meals to mopping the floors, do all the cashier stuff to wiping the windows.

speaking of which, next time when u all go to Coffee Bean in Taipan, don't simply touch-touch and molest the windows okay? very tiring to wipe you know! i think half of the reason why i'm feeling so tired is cos of wiping windows. cleaned all the windows in the outlet today..*glee+proud+happy* :D

plus, all the staff including my manager is very nice. i'm the only Chinese in the entire outlet, but that does not make things any different. they're just so willing to impart and teach, help me out and stuff. i feel so blessed. thank you, Lord :)

went shopping on the weekend. shopped for my trainee clothes..managed to get em all in one day. thanks to vern may too for showing me where to get em :) besides shopping for work clothes, i also got a tee that i super likey from superheroes! it's in pink and looks kinda tainted. it also has a red rose on the lower back on the hips. i so love it! thanks dear :)

and Esther also gave me a bag load of clothes which she said are from Japan, Spore, and America, and that most of them are brand new. love em!! thanks Esther you're the best! :)

in conclusion: yours truly was a very blessed and happy girl bcos she has so many new clothes last weekend! :) *girls will be girls, stop shaking heads..

we also celebrated Han Ping's farewell in Sushi Zanmai, and later on Station One. had lots of crazy fun and pics. may post them up when i have the time :) she's going to Taiwan for 2 yrs for make-up courses. when she comes back our church will have another super pro make up artist ;)
wookies time to continue watching GG ;)
love, careen.

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