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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

of facebook and sisters

i have 154 friend requests pending.

and i would say that half of them are people that i do not know.
or at least i've not seen or spoken to them before but they've seen me around or something.

i don't know. i thought that facebook would be different from friendster because this is like wayy more personal, and that people will not simply add people into their friend list in order that people whom they don't know wouldn't know so much about what's happening in their lives!

such as who became friends with you, who you know, who you're attached to, where u go, what u do, who tagged you, your pictures..those kinda personal stuff.

but seems like all people care is how many friends they have in their list. i strongly disagree in simply adding annoymous individuals or strangers because it is simply unnecessary. most of the time, they do not even drop u a msg or get to know you after adding you. they just wanna well, 'add' you, have an additional 'friend', and probably scroll through your pics and that's it. or worse, they might turn out to be stalkers. *eeeks!

that's why until now i'm still inactive in facebook, and all the friend requests are still pending. adding or even ignoring friend requests becomes so laggy and troublesome! might as well just leave em there. but then if too many requests accumulates, facebook becomes laggy! urgh tell me what i should do. (but for ppl that i truly know, i will definitely add u! soon!!)

i really admire ppl who have so much patience uploading pictures one by one, create so many albums, tag everybody, etc. not that it's not a good thing, don't get me wrong, but i just admire how they do it. they're so constantly updated!

my facebook is kinda dead already actually. i only have two albums. one of which was uploaded two yrs back, and another was uploaded not even halfway. hahahaa that's why i don't wonder why no one bothers to leave anything in my account because if i were them, i would not too. ahhaha!

facebook = nice but laggy.
oh well..enough ranting!
update on the lovelies at home :)

lemme introduce to all you lovely, faithful readers of mine...the new spidergirl baby in town- Evangeline Tan!!
this is the just woke-up-face. puffy and swollen eyes, red nose. hahaha she was watching cartoons, btw. and she's already 9 months old! how time flies!

oh, why spidergirl is because she's been sticking her palm to almost any surface she can find. full length mirrors la, walls la, bed frames la, tv stands la, piano la, tables la, and even humans. and what she'll do with the surfaces is that she'll stick both her sweaty-and-often-sticky-with-dirt-hidden-between-her-fingers-palm against the surfaces, and stand up by pressing on to the surfaces. like this!

hahah cute right! i havent got the chance to capture her doing that..but i will soon.
this girl is seriously determined to learn fast. she even wants to try standing without holding on to anything. she really inspires me :) this is roughly what i'm talking about.
she clung onto Melody and stood up just like that.
and she's actually pretty tall for a 9month old baby.i her drumstick legs :)
and the pink hair clips ;)Melody and Melody baby girl :)

besides this baby, i also have two more babies at home.
though Mel's already 6 and Charity 4 yrs old, they're still my baby and i don't think anything can change that fact. when we have nothing to do at home, and also when we feel creative and all, we'd do photoshoots with them! hahah here are some of the pics.
my Melody. the ever so vain and narcissist sister.
she's always being caught singing like Alison Yap or Faith Yeoh with a 'mic' (comb) in her hand. and trust me, this girl can hit the notes that we grown ups can't.

she loves all things pretty and pink..just like me.
she loves makeup and hairdos..just like me.
she loves dressing up and high heels..just like me.
she destroys my makeups..just like me destroying my mum's.
she loves standing in front of the mirror posing..just like me.
she loves standing in front of the mirror smiling & talking to herself..just like me.
she loves sushi with her life..just like me.
she loves to pose for photographs..just like me.
she loves beauty pageant competitions..just like me.
she prefers speaking English than Chinese..just like me.
she loves to act..just like me.
she loves to dance..just like me.
she loves to perform..just like me.
she loves/wants to blog..just like me.
she loves to worship God..just like me.
she's emotional..just like me.
she likes boon to be around..just like me (but i also love him la. haha)
she loves going to church..just like me.
she loves to be pampered..just like me.
she loves to talk..just like me.
conclusion: she is so like me.
speaking of blogging, when i created this new blog of mine, Melody noticed what u was doing at the comp, and she knew that i was creating a blog. she asked about what blogging is and stuff, and she's pretty attracted to it. so she asked me and Gladys to create one for her.

at first we were pretty amused by that idea..cos it's so cute and funny, so we just simply said we'll do it later. and since then, she's been asking when her blog can be done. and when told that she's too young too blog and all, she gets disappointed and sulks. she still bugs me to create one for her. but ahhh we'll see. hahahaha!

she's so similar to me, that's why sometimes when i get angry with her for bugging me to help her do makeup, or when she destroys my makeups, i tend to feel like i'm angry with myself instead. cos i WAS like that. just the same. so sometimes i just pretend to be angry only cos i know i did it too. hahaha!

omgosh i just did a whole lotta confession over there. now u guys know be better like, 20% more already. hahah. but hey, at least i'm honest and there's nothing for me to hide. that's why u all love me ma... :P

and of course, Charity Tan a.k.a Churity Tan a.k.a Chu a.k.a Chu Pox (when she had chicken pox) a.k.a ChariChu (by Boon) a.k.a Chaeeety Tan.
my baby baby.
while Melody is the can't-wait-to-grow-up baby of mine, Charity is the exact opposite. she's the dowana-grow-up baby. ahahah. she even still looks and smells like a baby!

this is one baby that will be so shy in front of strangers, but then once she knows u better or chooses to like you, u better watch out cos she'll bug u nonstop! (ask boon)

she's one baby you can get down-right crazy with. she'll laugh at the slightest things, and though she is not very eloquent in her speech yet, she somehow manages to send msgs into your heart and you'll love and sayang her to bits.

hard to get her to take proper pics. so below is one of the best and nicest pics of her.
credits to Gladys for her photo-taking skills :)
so pretty, right? :)
sometimes me and Gladys would just sit back and look at the babies, and just admire them. they're so pretty. they're so special. we love them so much :)
without them, i think our family would be so quiet. everyone's grown up now, and everybody'd be busy with their own things. probably our family would be one of those that only meet up for meals on Saturday night kind.

but with them around, they so stealthly bind us together. they bring laughter and joy, and so much meaning. they teach us lessons about life and love everyday.
babies are such blessings from God. :) as for my middle adolesent sisters Serene & Loveen who are the quieter ones, i can also learn things from them. i admit as they grow older, especially in this age where all the rebellion and search for identity comes in, it gets kinda hard for us to communicate and get along at times.

but then, i see myself in them. when i was their age, i was all that they are right now. and this is when i can help them grow, make life and growing up easier for them, teach them things, share experiences and stuff. they might not listen always, but they definitely heard me. and they'll remember :) i love them nonetheless.
as for Gladys..she can be the best buddy and my most terrible enemy all at the same time.
who said that when sisters are grown up they don't fight?? they do! well, at least we do. hahah i know her so well, and she knows me so well, we can either give in to each other, or take advantage of that fact, and purposely not give in.

we can easily share my our opinions and problems with each other. as different as we are from our sense our style to the type of guy we like to our room decos to our choices of food, we still manage to click and love each other despite our differences.

femme fatale don't play play.
(note Melody with her bag. hahha she brings it around with toys inside. she said she does it so that when Evangeline makes noise, she can calm her by giving her toys to play. she's so motherly and thoughtful. and Chariry just doesn't wanna look at the camera! haha oh well).
despite the fact that some of our personalities and behavious might be similar, all of our personalities are different. and i think by being in a big family with different personalities altogether, we learn how to accept people who are different from us, we learn how to get along with different people..which is a blessing to myself especially cos i am one who loves to meet people.

friends come and go (as known and experienced),
but family and siblings really do stay.
i *heart* them though sometimes my actions don't show it.

da jie (big sis) all of u girls :)

love, careen.


  1. We love you too, dajie! :)
    And thanks for your lovely compliments. It really encouraged me. :)

  2. such a lovely post of all ur sisters!..i finally know em all by name now. =)

  3. gladys: awwww...i ♥ you too :)

    baldwin: hahaha yeah! all 7 names! heheh :)

  4. wow careen, just how many sisters do you have !?! BTW, my baby boy just 6 mths behind Evangeline growing up as cute too, if you want to see his pics, too bad they in facebook too. Drop me a note on my blog and I send my add request on your facebook! Happy New Year! - Tuner

  5. it's amazing that there can be so many pretty girls in one family!


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