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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

now, where was i?

hey all :)
havent blogged for only 2 days and it felt like ages! especially when so many things happened along the way. will update on the happenings as soon as i have the time ;)
*takes time to post up all the pics and stuff. phew!

and guess what, i did the most impulsive shopping i'd ever done in my entire life yesterday. went to Pyramid right after work, shopped around while sisters had dinner. saw this red floral summer tube dress, and straight away tried it in the fitting room. before i even tried it on, darling called and said he's arriving in a minute! so i did the fastest changing of clothes ever, and look into the mirror for 3 secs, and there i go..walking outta the boutique with a brand new purchase! :D

besides, i also got some good buys from forever21. i was definitely a happy shopper *glees* :D

met soooo many familiar faces in pyramid! there was not even one time that i don't bump into someone familiar! i'm sure it's the same for you too (those who live in Klang Valley, that is). it's also the same for 1u!

hahah that's why i always say, never go pak-toh in these two places if you're in an underground relationship. simply too risky! been there, done take my advice! ;P or at the other extreme, if you can't wait for ppl to know who you're newly with, go there too! :P


on a sadder note, yours truly has not been feeling too well :(

have been working for these few days, thus the lack of posts. while working, yours truly needs to stand most of the time..if not, all the time! and because of that, i've been having backache and legs-ache (if there's such word. hahah)

plus lots of washing, cleaning and stuff..and when in a rush, i'm usually quite careless, so there comes all the cuts and bruises.

as for stress, i have been having insomnia :( and this is due to none other than the Hip Hop competition that i willingly signed up for. *pfft*

the competition is on Feb 28..and i've NO choreos figured out at all! None! Nil! Zero!!! :((
talk about the stress it gives me. plus, i don't know what to wear too. and THAT is stressful. the most important and stressful bit, it's an international competition and it is HUGE.

if it's some small inter usj20 dance competition, i wouldn't feel so stressed out. but this is for the entire Malaysia, if not, the whole world too! (as it says in its flyer, open to the world) *gasps deeply and shivers*

nowadays, i don't manage to sleep until 2-3 hourse of lying on the bed, eyes closed but still wide awake, and stuff just running through my mind. steps, choreos, attire, etc. i came up with lots of great choreos, but remembering and putting them into action is another different issue altogether. my mind is active all the time because of that, though i may be physically very drained out. not good. not good. even worse when there's work or morning prayer the next day. arrggh :(

these sum up the current me:

1. lack of sleep + lots of stress = a very very sad girl

2. lots of stress = lots of eating = lots of fats

3. lots if fats = loss of hot body

4. loss of hot body + lots of body pain = physical, emotional & mental suffering.

5. physical, emotional & mental suffering + a repeated cycle from No. 1 till No.4

= a very depressed yours truly :(

thank God after tomorrow's work, yours truly will be escaping to Malacca for CNY for the entire week. no need to think about coffee bean, no need to think about dance world, no need to think about keeping in shape (it's gonna go out of shape anyway..cry about it after CNY), etc etc.

i'll also have more time to sleep, snack, pig out, think about my dance choreo, eat, exercise (?), spend time with family members, eat, snack, pig out, and the cycle keeps repeating... :D

caught in the act. yours truly's journey of gaining weight.

before i go, yours truly wishes everyone a

dong dong dong chianggggg!!!

pig out & stay in shape everyone! and that includes myself! :P

Gong Xi Fa Chai, Xin Nien Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Ee,
Xin Xiang Shi Chen, Gong Xi Gong Xi

p/s: wah, my han yu pin ying not bad ;)

love, careen.


  1. hoho, surprised to see u in pyramid. saw joy, so went over to machines to say hie to her. i thought she busy with her customer..mana tau her "customer" is u...

  2. ahah yeah!! i thought she wasnt allowed to chat with friends at work but i was so wrong! her work is sooo flexible! and they pay her pretty well too. *envies* hahah :)


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