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Monday, January 5, 2009

new year, new look?

nope this is not the new year look.
hahaha just want you to check this out.

hahah i've the cutest sisters in the world! :)

today is Jan 5, Monday 2009.
it is also the day that many dread or feel excited for..because it's the first day of school/some colleges which i don't have to go through anymore/for now!!! wheeeee~ :D
okay i know u hate me. sayang back ;)

it is also the first day of school for Charity Tan Xin Yue! a.k.a Chu.
don't ask me why 'chu' cos i don't know too. hahah it just came about :P

my baby goes to school *tears*
[you may wanna ctrl+click for larger view]

okay mel if you're reading this (next time, that is), do know that i'm not being bias but bcos u already started school last year, so this year i do for chu lo, k? sayang... :)))

wanted to take mel's photos too, but she changed into her normal clothes the moment she got home complaining the weather's very hot. hahah guess she's grown up :)
whereas chu-the-baby would wear even winter clothes when it's scorching hot outside bcos she doesn't know how to complain yet. hahahah.


on a seperate note, yours truly is getting a haircut. *jeng jeng jeng......*
yeah u didn't read wrongly i'm really seriously getting a haircut.

[for those of u who know me better, u'd know that i love my crowning glory and i sayang them too much to lose them. whenever i said i would get a haircut, it either means i'm just having a vision or i'm just joking.]
but this time, it's real. i'm really chopping my long locks off. not too short. maybe till the bra-buckle length or if shortest, untill the shoulders. fyi, now it's till my rib cage. *cries*
hey, i can't exactly decide and ask for too much since i'm getting a haircut for free. lex needed a model/guinea pig to demonstrate the Toni & Guy signature straight-straight haircut (i dunno what they call it), and apparently the hair has to be really long, virgin hair which haven't dyed, highlighted, permed, straightened before. so my hair is the perfect hair to use la. anyway, thanks for the offer, lex! :)
besides, i've been wanting a new haircut and experiment with new styles. so since i havent done the straight-straight cut, why not? :) plus, i'm broke for building fund. so the free haircut thing is purrrfect for me :D
and guess what's more wonderful? my baby dear who's still not feeling too well offered to fetch me all the way to Lot 10 just for my haircut. i'm uber touched dear..thanks :') *hugs*
so this long long hair will be off in abut 4 hours' time. so beautiful long hair, say byebye to all my wonderful readers out there. *hair says byebye* u can't hear the goodbye cos it is speaking the hair language. only your hair will understand. and i guess u also understand that i'm crazy okayyy back to the topic!!!

pictures of my long beautiful hair which will part with me in a few hours' time :(

hair!!!! i will miss you!!!
okay hair sounds funny. maybe i should name my hair.... mandy.
mandy!!! i will miss you!!! :(((

hey, don't laugh at mandy's name. even melody gives evangeline a new name- marrisa. ahahahhahah!!!

okay i better go get ready now. gonna go wash my long long hair for the last time :(
sounds like i'm going bald. hahah look out for the pics soon.

you guys :)

love, careen.

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