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Thursday, January 8, 2009

new barrista in town!

coffee bean called yday evening asking for an interview today at 1030am.
so, yours truly woke up bright and early (thx dear for waking me up at 930am :P), got ready, and while waiting for cabbie, camho-ed! ;)

my mood was really good...
....until i called the cab again for comfirmation, when another lady receptionist took all my details again, and hung up.
so i thought you know, my cab is on the way or something.

it was 1025am, when i called back that same company (i don't know whether it was supercab or comfort), that lady yet again took all my details, and told me the cab is coming in 10mins time.
i was like, wth??! my interview's at 1030 and the cab will arrive at 1040? which means i'll reach coffee bean at 1050. cannot la!
so i just politely explained that i called just now for a cab, but no cab arrived. and now i'll be late for my interview. just wanted to find out what was the matter.
that rude and seriously problematic lady yelled back at me and said, (i can still remember every word) "Just now my company no taxi!!! now my taxi can come in 10mins time. okay???!!"
wah u don't know how pissed off i felt okay. stupid lady!!! wanna do business or not??! sue you then you know! i think one of the motivations for me to work hard and earn loads of money is to sue these kinda ppl!! damn teruk man. seriously, pms or menopause??!!! i couldnt take it, i hung up right away and i felt super anxious and pissed at the same time.
called another company, and that cabbie arrived in less than 5 mins. but the prob is, i dunno that good taxi company is which one cos you know what, both taxis decided to arrive at the same time!!!
i hung up on that crazy woman and i thought that would give her a msg that her potential customer has been super pissed off by her rudeness and decided nto to take a cab from her anymore. mana tau her intelect quite shallow and still sent her cab to my hse.
she mentioned 10mins right? it reached way earlier than that la wei! if i knew it'd reach much earlier than 10mins, i would have waited a while and not called another cab company, hello??
and then, when two taxis arrived at my doorstep, i was freaking stunned. like, which is the one i called latter? and which one should i board??! damn stupid wei! i wish i boarded the right taxi, as in the polite taxi company's taxi and not that stupid ride woman's taxi. damn pissed! sigh...
anyways, let's not talk about it anymore. this thing is making me old-fastforwarded.
good news now :)
called up coffee bean to infrom that i'll be late cos of some cab issues. they said it's alright and that i could actually come anytime. wahh u dunno how relieved i was baybeh ;)
reached coffee bean in Taipan, usj, and went in for the interview.
they asked me to dress formally the day before. and so i wore my favourite white top, black butt-hugging pencil skirt (it was really butt-hugging i felt my butt couldnt breathe), and to make it look less formal, i coupled it with my red belt.
but according to the management trainer (syed), he laughed and said he felt a lil awkward and shy cos i was dressed so formally. apparently yours truly is overly formal :/
hahah oh well. the interview was like a casual chat with a friend, really. it was like me asking a friend about the job scope, duration, pay, etc as a barrista of coffee bean. he even made and bought me hot choc! :)
(gosh my mirror IS dirty)
i would say i'm really glad overall, and i have perhaps found my ideal part-time job! :) though the pay is a little lesser than starbucks, the perks are that i can have absolutely flexible working hours! :) i get weekends off if i want, work 8 hours or less, or more if i want to, double pay on holidays, extra days for CNY, etc. plus other perks that maybe i won't mention here. i'm so glad! :)
if you're looking for a part-time job that has flexible working hours, nice working environment, decent pay, etc. this is your ideal part-time job as well. cool! :)
so yours truly will be starting work on this coming Monday. am excited! this is giving me another reason to go shopping as well cos yours truly does not have a plain white polo tee (believe it or not. i really need to get simpler and plainer clothes), and she lost her balck slacks somehow. hmmm. so yeap, shopping this weekend ya, dear? ;) the attire is for trainees, btw. after three months of working i'll be wearing the uniform.
excited-ness! finally more money is coming in! happy-ness! glad-ness!
okay i realised i sound like a total greedy money lover of something. hahah whatever.
will be going for HTV shoot at 2pm, and afterwards dinner with sarah chee and her family. havent seen her in ages. must be a lot of fun :)
before i go, a pic of Evangeline while picking me up from the interview. she was amused by that clutch because it was vibrating. hahah!
till then, guys!
love, careen.

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