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Friday, January 9, 2009

love's the only way

"This is what i love you. i enjoy loving it is not hard for me to just love you more today.."
i love you more each and everyday too :')

had a huge quarrel last night. a small misunderstanding turned sour, and the whole thing just got out of hand. it is no one's fault, but both of us were guilty of not handling things wisely.
but today, i got woken up by baby's call, and he has signed me up for a photoshoot tomorrow and he'll pay for it. i'm sure he is still affected by yday, but yet, he is willing to go the extra mile just to cheer me up. he is really the best bf in the world, isn't he?
i love you..

met up with Uncle Michael's family who came back from Aust for hols
plus Uncle Yeoh and Aunty Melissa.
had dinner in some secluded chinese restaurant in USJ 1..but the food is really good.
ordering the many mouth-watering dishes.
note the F4 restaurant name. what a name! hahah
pic with Sarah, Samuel & Steven.
i hate being in the front. urgh!
and all the girls say, "amen!"
here's an ugly candid pic of me courtesy of Gladys (!!!!!!).from left: daddy, uncle Michael, aunt Melinda, and mum :)
here's the culprit which died in the veg on Loveen's plate. gross!

Melody said she felt like cutting it according to the lines. hahah sometimes i think she's rather sadistic. she always tell me she feels like eating Evangeline cos she's so cute. okay, maybe cannibalic too. hahah just kidding ;)

had a good time of meeting and catching up. headed to see baby straight after the meal :)

will be off for teaching dance soon.

love, careen.

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