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Monday, January 12, 2009

hot choc for you, ma'am?

yours truly is going off for work in less than an hour's time!
got up at 945am- rare case. planned to wake up at 9am but failed. hahah oh well.

from now onwards except weekends, yours truly will have to wake up around this time and can't have the sinful pleasure of sleeping in till noon time anymore..huhu. :(

but it's what pastor said, surveys proved that a person who sleeps more than 8 hours a day will die younger than those who sleep less than that. heheh.
hmmm..feels like life is just beginning when i start work. or at least when my life gets organized and has some meaning. had been lazing and chilling at home a lil too much. heheh. this is gonna be a whole new experience for me!

p/s: will update tonight on the weekend.
p/p/s: don't kacau me at coffee bean! i dowana get fired so soon. *hmph

chao! :)

love, careen.


  1. u will need to wake up at 530am

  2. one "Berry'd Treasure" pleeease... *my fav* =)

    hv fun working!

  3. jin: yeah brotha amen! hahaha see you there :)

    baldwin: hey! i learned how to make that today! come and i'll give you extra stuff perhaps? ;) okay let's hope my manager doesn't read this. hahaha cheers!

  4. thank u loaddsss Careen.. *big wide smile*


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