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Monday, January 5, 2009


i can't sleep.
my tummy's growling and yearning for sushis at 1.32am. salmon are gifts from God...
at the same time my heart misses baby dear and wondering if he's feeling ok.

i miss all the cuddles.
i miss spending time with him.
i miss eating together with him.
i miss driving around town with him.
i miss going to church with him.
i miss us holding hands and skipping around in public.
i miss the forehead kisses.
i miss the 'i love u' kisses.
i miss you.

it's only been 2 days that we haven't been seeing each other and i'm already missing you this much. hahah whoever said being in a relationship for too long a time can wear off all the romances and fun is so so wrong, dude. you need the right person, the right combination! :)

boon (sampat) + careen (sampat) = sampat couple

sampat couple = lots of fun, spontaneity, laughter, smiles, beating the bf, tickling & poo-ing the gf, eating and becoming fat together, being broke for building fund together, laugh at ppl together, gossip together, khap lui and chai together, sleep on pyramid's bench together, test the cushions and beds in harvey norman (and evaluate them. as well as deciding what type of cushions and beds we wanna have. we've decided to have cloth or furry cushions and not leather ones cos leather ones gets so sticky and sweaty esp in our warm and humid weather!), etc etc etc :DD

after this, boon's going to labuan for a few days for work. am gonna miss him some more. plus, he's not feeling well now and i can't drive. so we can't possibly see each other anytime soon. *sniffs

guess i should try to sleep and tell my tummy to *shhhh*.

love, careen.

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