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Sunday, January 4, 2009

goodbye mamamarie *sniffs

mamamarie's farewell last friday.
writing farewell notes on the notebook we made for her.
and they did what they did best- camho! looking through what nonsense we did for her.
Gladys' sketching of jo-the-moe
Gladys' sketching of bro. bock
Gladys' sketching of marie.

in conclusion: Gladys failed miserably as an aspiring artist.

Then, we found our favourite spot- under the dining room light. ahahahhahaha

boon drunk from having absint.thinking of absint.
patrick taking a break from absint.
and lots of carlsberg (note the cans around him) Gladys tasted absint with the tip of her tongue and became like this.
in conclusion: don't drink absint.
the drunken and siao bunch.
boon wanted to fit all of our heads into the lamp. see? too much absint.
as a result of having absint, marie thought boon was for real and insisted on fitting our heads inside.
okay i should probably get over the absint issue. not my cup of tea certainly, but i like the color :)
we were faking in this pic- faking to be normal.
then, we repented and drank syrup instead.
jo the rebel wanted to stand out in the crowd, and drank plain water instead. how to cheers like that??!
jo-the-moe flirting and exchanging glances with the photographer- my bf ng boon hock!!!! don't think i'm smiling nicley to take pic i don't know what's going on down there okay???!!
jo standing further away cos i already started to give the dangerous stare.but then she apologized and so did the photographer who was my bf ng boon hock, so we reconciled and took a nice pic together. we cheered too despite the difference in colour of the...water.
had lots of crazy fun and laughed like mad hyena that night. but after that, the farewell feeling sunk in, and we felt emo for a while. miss u already, mar..i already asked ian to take care of you well! ;) and will miss u too jo. so we must spend more time together before u leave for the down under again. yumcha tonight mou? ;)

a nice proper pic of us :')
will update some more and soon ;)
p/s: all of the above were just made-up stories by yours truly okay. thank you i know i'm good at making stories ;) so don't go around spreading rumours that i was drunk from too much absint k? just one tiny sip won't make me drunk. i think.
love, careen.

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