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Thursday, January 15, 2009

blue-ish feelin'

have been watching dance videos all day long to get inspirations for my dance competition, which is just about a month away. have got stuff in mind to do, but still no inspiration and more importantly, motivation!!

how? :(

why do i always have to wait till the very last minute to have motivation one? huuhuu :(
probably i should just get my butt off the couch and start dancing instead.


got my typhoid jab last night before a drink with jo. gosh i hate injections! i used to hate it with my life, but then now as i grow older, the fear is not so great anymore.

but still! that jab was one of the most painful ones i'd ever had! super painful man..the doc said it penetrates not just skin deep but muscle deep *gulps*.

the pain started to kick in...right before i was asleep. *major sigh* i had prayer meeting the next day and was supposed to wake up at 515am, but then due to the immense pain and lack of sleep, i stayed at home to rest and treat my still aching left arm. it's still swollen and i hope and hope some more that it'd all be gone by tomorrow cos yours truly needs to work and teach dance classes at night.


with the injection pain and stress about the competition, yours truly is officially declared feeling blue. yours truly will also be working on the weekends. lagi blue.



love, careen.

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  1. No worries, Careen. I know you'll do just fine. In fact, I know in my heart that you'll do more than fine! You're gonna dance so well that everyone's jaws will drop and look like this -> O.O

    Love you :)


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