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Friday, January 16, 2009

all in a day's work

*big pheww*

had such a long day today. work in the morning, dance teaching in the night. and right after this i'm gonna indulge into some long warm bath, stretching, and Bible reading after this. i totally deserve some rest and *ahem* hugs as well ;)

i think in the whole 6 hours of work in Coffee Bean today, i barely even had 5mins sitting down. and i think i washed more than 30 plates and glasses today. yes, miss cinderelleeee. and now my hands feel rougher like, 20%?

hahah speaking of washing dishes, my gramma always tell me that girls shouldn't wash dishes so often as it could roughen the hands, especially for girls who are yet to be married. but for girls who are already married, it's ok. hahaha *hmmmmm* means nobody wanna marry me edi...cos i have rough hands now :(

i think i'm gonna really soak my hands or better still, myself into a whole tub of body lotion. i wanna get married ma what to do. haha!!

gotta go! another day of work tomorrow. love ya'll! (whoever you may be)
love, careen.

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