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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1500 days together

let me update on my not-so-drastic haircut afterall. hahah.
the journey to Toni & Guy in Lot 10.

he can get pretty accurate though driving.
guess he's very very used to disturbing me already that's why. hahahah.
some camho moments in the car. you may wanna scroll pass these pics..heheh yours truly with nothing but eyeliner on. all thanks to me leaving my makeup case in daddy's car.
my yawning bf who picked me up straight after work just to cut a few strands of hair :')
KL and all its jam.
camho moments at the traffic!
oh look, another camho pic. hahah!
we reached after almost an hour drive to Toni & Guy.
calling the missing Lex Low. when hair still long long :)
i officially crown Boon the king of taking ppl's ugly and unprepared pics. *hmmmph
wearing the 'robe'. didn't i tell you i got a role to act in Star Wars the Asian version? ;)
princess Careen of Star Wars Asian version. hahahah oh gosh.
after hair wash.
you want a good hair wash? go to Lex. he knows how to wrap head towels after hair wash in a very sexy way just like mine ;)
i just realised it looks like a bunch of dung on my head. guess that's why i felt blue.
but how smexy!
giving Boon the seductive stare. *chehhh*
thank God he was there to kacau-kacau me a bit. if not, i think yours truly would have lost half of her mind cos the hair cut itself was 2 hours plus..with lots of sitting still/stiff, standing still/stiff, then sittting still/stiff again.
i *heart* my hair in this pic :)
oh, i had to sit like this for hours. huhu..
boon was getting bored and restless, so he went around snapping ugly pics again.
this time it's not me, it's her.
guess who?
tadda!! Jen. A, people!!
Boon has a way somehow to make ppl look uglier than real life. hahahaha :P
a girl without a face.
i *heart* my hair in this pic too :))
oh, this is what i meant by standing still/stiff. i had to stand like this and couldnt move one bit. i didn't even dare to breathe deep. cos the slightest movement will make my hair crooked. then Lex's report will not be good.
oh speaking of which, my mistake! this hair cut is part of Lex's training in Toni & Guy. so this is for his practical training. and thus, everything was so stressful and strict. he was to explain to his trainer on the products to apply and use in this haircut, the hair texture, density, colour, length, style, when the last haircut was, and so many more! complex sial!

after seeing the entire training thingy the other day, i vow not to say that hairdressing is an easy job anymore. it requires so much effort, so much knowledge, so much training, so much skill.
what really amused me was all those deep terms and stuff that no ordinary u and me would understand. hahah. and i didn't know that my hair was grown clockwise! cool!!
this is Lex's trainer. super strict! but i'm sure he's damn pro that's why strict. oh, he comes to CHC too! :)
speaking the hair language that i obviously did not understand.
u see? i was still in that standing still/stiff posture. after the whole haircut session i was super tired and out of breath! (cos i'd been breathing very lil throughout. hahah). and not forgetting very hot and sweaty too!!!
i also *heart* my hair here :P
oh boy i sure looked bored..probably bcos i was.
hahah but it was a really diff and new haircut experience :)
but poor Lex also la. although i needed to stand-sit-stand-sit for a million times, he needed to bend, stand, sit, go left, right, center, down, up, etc. hahah.
really needs a lot of attention to detail to be able to successfully cut this kinda straight-line hairstyle. after the haircut his eyes were all watery and reddish.
the final (cool air) blow. as u can see from the pic, i was really really enjoying the breeze. hahah okay not very cooling breeze, but compared to the hot air that's been penetrating thru the 'star wars' robe and shooting straight into my skin for maybe half an hour, it felt like snow! :D the super flat comb created a super straight effect. i likey!
Lex psycho-ing me.
as u can see, not much change has been made. he said he wants to maintain my 'careen look'. (i don't even know what's the careen look. hahaha), so he didn't do much but just change the parting of my hair and level-out the bottom of the hair :)
my first ever super straight bottom haircut!
like boon said, Lex's admiring his work. hahah.
according to him it was 99% straight. so i guess it really is very very super straight and that he's very happy with the result! (note his facial expression. hahah)
of course, credits to Boon for all the pics above :)

by the way,
happy 1500 days together, baby :)
thanks for everything.
we should celebrate our 2009 days together ya. hahah!
till then!
love, careen.


  1. I love that JA picture. Hahaha!
    And congrats on your 1500days together. :)
    You guys are the best!
    Love you both! :)

  2. wei gladys, remember to sign out my account before giving comment la. hahahahah love you too ;)

  3. Wahahaha! Sorry, sorry! Didn't realise that :P hehe..

    But it's oklah. I wanna add more SNIFFS to your blog.


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