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Saturday, December 27, 2008


As i mentioned earlier today that i'd be watching Yes Man, and i didn't regret a single bit.

i'll give it a 7/10.
It wasn't a movie that you'll go "wow" like Titanic or Transformers, or even The Dark Knight, but this is just one simple yet meaningful comedy that gives the viewers a good laugh, and some lessons to reflect on. it was just what i needed for the year to come..saying 'yes' to more things, to newer opportunities, gaining more experiences in every aspect of life.

the turning point. hahah funny la.
one of the funniest scenes. u gotta watch it for yourself! not gonna spill anything :)
and oh my goshiee!! throughout the entire movie i was strugling to solve the mystery of who the lead actress was. my eyes kept telling me that it WAS Katy Perry, but my mind kept defending that nope, it was not.
Because if Katy Perry's in it, everyone would be talking about it already. But seriously wei, they look sooo super alike you cannot believe it!! see it for yourself and tell me i'm not alone.
on the left- Zooey Deschanel (so pwetty!), on the right- Katy Perry (so cute and whacky i likey!)
go ahead and tell me they're not twins!! slap me left and right and i'll still think that they are!! even if they're not, i'll still somehow believe that they are somehow or rather related cos this is just so unreallllll.....
i read also on the internet that lots of ppl besides me think that both of them look really alike too. see, i'm not alone! both are so pwetty and whacky in their own cute way, there's no way people can compare.

but of course, it wouldn't be nice to know that someone looks so alike you..especially you're one who likes to be special and unique. don't you think?

people come up to me quite a number of times to tell me that i look like Jessica Alba and Cheryl Ho..and nope, it does not flatter me at all because i have eyes to see for myself.

I mean, Jessica Alba. are you kidding me?? most beautiful woman on planet earth (as voted)..which i agree on too. she looks too perfect to be true and you're telling me i look like her? i wish too but, no i don't..sadly :(

and honestly, A LOT of people tell me Cherly and i look alike. My mum, for instance, when we first joined CHC, she'd keep telling me that whenever she sees Cheryl on the keyboard on stage, she'd give herself a shock and wonder why the hell i'm doing on the keyboard. she said that to me umpteen times til i feel scared sometimes. and she still does now!!

not just my mum, Lex also. when i was getting my hair done by him before Emerge Beauty Pageant 07's prelim, he asked if i was Cheryl's sister. and there's this guy who messaged me on Friendster asking if i was the keyboardist at Keith and Juli's wedding. immediately i replied him that he mistook me as another girl named Cheryl, and he was like, "oh yeah, sorry. hehe". AND there's this aunty in church whom my mum just met, and asked her if Cheryl was one of my mum's daughters too..cos she looks like me. and many others too that i forgot.

before you could say anything, let me tell you that i feel Cheryl's really very pretty. and i don't feel offended at all being compared to fact, i take it as an honor. if you don't believe it, here's a pic of Cheryl.

mei ling asked why doesn't she join Beauty Pageant competitions, and yes i've always wondered why too. and i actually do feel that she's prettier than i am..not trying to be modest or anything like that but seriously, she is. that's why being compared to her is like, i don't know..okay tell me i have self-esteem issue. maybe i do. heheh oh well..but yeah, being compared to others especially others who are obviously better looking than myself, it does make me feel honored, but at the same time, i know i'm not like what others say i am. so, most of the time i just think and feel ordinary..and just put the comments and compliments on the shelves :)

wookies time for beauty sleep! gotta rise up early for choir practice at 7! gotta go!
love, careen.


  1. nope... i for one do not think that you look like either of them.. you are a true beauty by yourself....

  2. careen, maybe.. that guy that asked you thru fs is my own and the only beloved brother! hahha... :D :D :D LOL!!!

  3. careen!!!!! no matter you look like or don't look like who.. you are still pretty=DDDDD !!!! see you around!

  4. ngh: thanks baby :)

    jenny lee: omgosh really?? how did you know? hahahah :)

    sarah: thank u dearie :)


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