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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Road trip to Malacca!

warning: this blog post will be flooded with many pictures. and some captions.

road trip to malacca!!

the backseat people.

the sky was was the weather :)

yeap, it was pastor's car. they were on the way to Spore for staff retreat! what a pleasant surprise! pastor flew btw.

mama marie giving the usual stare. ahahaha

and there we were after a series of wandering-around-malacca-town. jonker street!! thanks baby :)

just to remember where we parked. boon's car on the right :)

we saw this couple who had very nice backs. we aspire to have backs like them, so we captured their pic and look at it every night before we sleep :)

first stop. clothes- we can never resist them, can we? ;)

boon apparently looking bored. hahaha

lion head.

old folk's karaoke competition. super cute man..

war of the wings

chicken wing delicious :Dpriceless pic of Gladys.some super nice potato ball.the reunion of our band- The Way. maybe this could be one of our album pictures. maybe we should really record our songs one day- 'Curtains' and 'Caught without a bra' :)and this would be our manager. or marie and jo and gladys would say- mascot instead. but to me, he's still the manager :) muax!marie and jo apparently enjoying it a lot.hahahahafter the Taiwanese Spicy Sausages. poor thing..big foot behind. hahathis is the ultimate revelation: the nerdy careen is already dead. this is the nerdy spirit coming back to visit-visit. now there's no more nerdy but camho careen- below.

there you go :)

will post up more pictures and more stories once i have the time! crazier and i mean crazierrr pictures are yet to be posted up. ahahahah..
gotta go clean my room, my closet, nap and get ready for a long night of new year countdown and ushering of the terrific and blessed 2009!!

happy 2009 dear readers!! me ♥ you all!

love, careen

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