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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I.O. Camp

okay i know i said i'll not blog until Jan 1. But u know me (if you know me la, that is)..i can't wait to get my hands on new things that i own, and that includes my new blog! *loves*

okie, so now i have some time before i go off for Christmas shopping with Bro. Bock, and i figured i shall be a good blogger and start updating..instead of just spilling careen-craps all the time.
we shall start with I.O Camp 2008! woohooooo!
shall not say much, so, pics!that's yours truly looking lost.yours truly's sexy back. while getting the beach games ready.
with frieda and serene.
some of the girl campers from kota kemuning.
restless boys.
props and belogings. and food :D
the best cell leader ever- chief planner of the whole camp :)
introducing the first game- stinky game! ;)
each person receives a different stinky smelling cotton (tuna, vinegar, etc, and trust me, they stink to the max), and has to smell each other's cotton and find group into groups of five with the same smelling cotton. those who happen to pick the odd smelling cottons gets punished.
the odd ones got punished by having to eat tuna..with wasabi!
chronicles enjoying the punishment.

below: yong loon's wasabi face :P

hahah okay i know it's quite potong that i've to leave this post hanging here. cos i'm gonna get ready for shopping soon! ;)i'll compensate by ending this post with Adrian Cheong Cute Cute looking lost. and hot. (i'll collect the fees from you tonite).

love, careen.

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