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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here on new year's day.


i can't believe this is it.
this is 2009.
and i have turned the big 2-0 four hours ago.
i'm twenty years old.

i have always been a person who wants to grow up fast. i've always dressed and behaved way beyond my age. people think that i'm 20something when i was only 12. you get the picture.

but now, i've hit the big 2! i'm happy!! but at the same time, i know that once i'm 2 decades old, time will fly even faster than ever and *blink blink*, 2010 is at my doorstep, and i turn 21.

somewhere inside me wishes that i'll stay forever 21. God, this is my secret wish. hahah i'm sure it's yours too. but there's this particular scripture that enlightened me, and i wish to share it with you.

"Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life." - Proverbs 16 : 31.

growing older by the day, month and year is not necessarily such a bad thing afterall, is it? :)
it is a crown of splendor, man..don't prey prey..
not forgetting it is attained by a righteous life too. therefore, i wish to start my year being righteous. it's hard but i'll surely try my best. isn't life just so exciting and new everyday? :)

made my new year resolutions and am planning to stick close by with it.
a lot of times we fail to follow or fulfill our new year resolutions is because we simply chuck them aside after a while.

why not try and make a specific and achievable new year resolution this year, and make sure you stick close by with it? it works for many, and there's no way it doesn't work for you :)

besides, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. so, plan ahead to stay ahead! it's just this simple :)

will be going for prayer meeting in new church building at 10am later (it's 4.18pm now), and afterwhich, will be doing HTV with my favourite HTV co-host, Bro. Bock ;) maybe after that we'll go paktoh together or something..and have dinner with family. that's basically how my Jan the first is gonna be i think. exciting-exciting! :))

you guys out there, update your blogs and lemme know what's happening in your brand new 2009! paint a beautiful year ahead on this blank piece of canvas ♥

happy 2009 my dears..

love, careen

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