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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

♥ here on christmas eve

what am i doing on this Christmas eve?

i just completed my profile.

i'll be doing HTV shoot at 2.

i'll be going the last-test minute-st shopping with baby.

i'll be grabbing my chrristmas eve dinner with baby.

i'll be going to church to get all that hair and make-up done.

i'll be doing all the last minute practices.

i'll start getting into my worse-than-SJC Rocks!-bimbo mode.

i'll be in guest room/ artist room getting ready.

i'll be performing as a bimbo-est shopper on planet earth, hello?? (i'm already getting into the mode)

i'll be sitting and waiting baskstage, while listening to pastor's msg.

i'll be hearing pastor's feedback together with all the other casts.

i'll be going for supper. (i'm so sure of that)

i'll be counting down merry christmas 08 with my loved ones.

how bout you? :)

merry christmas in advance *hohoho* ;)

love, careen

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