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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas @ Chang's

Christmas at Chang's would arguably be the most enjoyable production to me thus far.

SJC Rocks! was really fun too..but it was my first time in such a large production, so i was kinda nervous too. As for Dance, My Love, i was tremendously stressed every minute..physically, mentally and emotionally (cos i was to cry in one scene), so i didn't really have much crazy fun. But don't get me wrong! Dance, My Love was one of the most memorable happenings in my life..and i'll never ever forget that entire experience :)
So for Christmas @ Chang's, yours truly and Boon acted as a sampat couple that goes shopping. it was really fun cos we got to act sampat, kiamsiap (for the bf's character), and bimbo (for mine), and no one can actually say we're really like that cos we're just acting ;))))

oh how i love acting sampat and villians! i can be bad and no one blames me for that cos i simply am supposed to ;)))

i really went all out to the bimbo-est and sampat-est stage. i even felt like puking myself. if i made u feel like puking or slapping me, then i have succeeded woohoooo~!! ;) hahaha! *does the hair curling tornado*

Pictures will be posted as soon as i charge my camera batteries. which is also as soon as boon arrives with my batt charger. hahah. hmmm..
Ever wondered, what christmas is all about? :)

Don't get me wrong, i'm not gonna write a long sermon here on how Mary gave birth to baby Jesus in Bethlehem. nope. but really, have you ever wondered, what it actually is about?
This year, my Christmas eve was spent doing HTV, dinner at Shilin Taiwan something having MiShua with baby plus desserts from Snowy at Pyramid, then headed to church for Christmas at Changs. we even countdown for Christmas in church with Pastor, Esther, and the casts :) afterwhich we met up with subzone members in Rock Cafe which was extremely cold and windy, and sleepy too. hahah.
as for Christmas day, got to church by 830am, got my hair and makeup done, performed the last show, picture time, lunch with baby in KennyRogers Roasters in Parade, went home and slept like a log, went to Ps. Mayumi and Unc. Colin's place for Japanese Christmas service, went to Unc. Paul's house to drop the presents, and went home and slept like a log again. ahahah what a wonderful tiring Christmas :)

But oh well, it is better to be tired and busy, than being bored and too free on Christmas, right? :)
Since there are no Christmas pics to post, i'll post up some of my favourite personal shots then :)

ImagoDei shots.

A random shot by Adele Ng

Streets of Tokyo Emerge Fashion Competition 2007

The Making of Dance, My Love.

Merry Christmas 2008, lovely readers ♥

love, careen.

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